Sitting is the new smoking

To view source of article: by: Dr. Amitabh, CEO, Aadyantalife-The Science of Life You are not born with a fixed amount of resilience. It’s a muscle, you can build it up, and then draw on it when you need it.” Sheryl Sandberg How many hours do you spend sitting on an average work day. […]

The Safety of Chiropractic Care

To view source of article:   “Doctor, are chiropractic adjustments safe?” This is one of the most common questions asked by people seeking or considering chiropractic care along with “What are the risks?” “Can I receive spinal adjustments without the chiropractor adjusting my neck?” “Do chiropractic adjustments cause arthritis or even strokes?” With media […]

6 Steps to Rebuild Gut Flora Metabolism

To View the source of article: 6 Steps to Rebuild Gut Flora Metabolism  The most up to date research has revealed that the balance of our gut bacteria plays a large role in our metabolism.  Many studies are even showing […]

The 8 Safest Natural Sweeteners

To view source of article: The 8 Safest Natural Sweeteners Sweet foods were a rare delicacy for our ancient ancestors.  Today, we have an unlimited supply of sugary foods and beverages at […]

All ages can benefit from chiropractic care: Here’s why

To view source of article:   When thinking about chiropractic care, there is a common misconception that it is only for certain age groups or types of patients. Injury rehabilitation for adults often comes to mind. Yet, chiropractic services have many benefits for the young, old, and anyone in between. The Pros of Chiro […]

The prevalence of back pain in school kids who use backpacks

To view source of article: Backpack pain is an all too common condition of school-age children. While back pain is a known and widely-studied issue in adults, its prevalence in school-aged children has received comparatively little scientific attention. Elementary, middle, and high school students must often carry backpacks that weigh enough to cause chronic back pain, poor […]